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Letter to the editor

an article in Time by Ilya Taytslin

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In his letter to the editor to Time magazine, this reader shows insight about future perceptions about the Pope:

“Few people in the 19th century had the ethical standards of Karl Marx, but none ultimately caused as much evil and suffering as Marx did because of his ideas. A century from now, with 15 billion people fighting over whatever food is available, Pope John Paul II and his moral stand against population control will be remembered with the same sort of hatred that victims of communism reserve for Karl Marx.”

Karl Marx
Karl Marx

What so many forget is that in the long run, it doesn’t matter if he was great, had good character, was brave, was handsome or could juggle well. What matters is the incredible amounts of suffering, killing, starvation and ecological damage caused by people unwilling to think for themselves about wise and effective ways of dealing with things like birth control, so they let the Pope do their thinking for them, thereby precipitating human and ecological trauma on an immense scale.

Are the Popes EVER going to wise up about birth control, or keep preaching stupidity so human suffering keeps escalating?
Are the Popes EVER going to wise up about birth control, or keep preaching stupidity so human suffering keeps escalating?