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Peripheral Visions: Learning along the Way

a book by Mary C. Bateson

(our site's book review)

In writing about our schools, Bateson points out that “. . . for every child whose confidence is enhanced, there are half a dozen for whom it will be reduced, and some will grow up to inflate their own self-respect by finding someone else to put down.” See John Holt's How Children Fail.

She warns about right-wing extremist fundamentalist views infiltrating our classrooms propelled by local pressures.

Women are able to care for a child at the same time as they do housework
Women are able to care for a child at the same time as they do housework

She looks at feminist issues, and is especially astute when analyzing the working women/nonworking women issue. Women being able to care for a child at the same time as she does housework or cooks is seen as important and valid (it also happens to be the historical norm).

She sees that cooperation under the new ecological-holistic paradigm is a needed adaptation for the current age, while competition under the old mechanistic-reductionistic paradigm is becoming an anachronism. (Darwin added cooperation to competition in his later, more holistic evolutionary theories.)