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Authoritative and Democratic Parenting Programs
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Pioneering Schools Teach Lessons Of Emotional Life

an article by Daniel Goleman

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Because kids are showing an alarming inability to handle their emotions, settle disputes, care about each other or just get along (the statistics on teen-age suicides, homicides and pregnancies tell the sad story), a handful of pioneering educators have begun to design and teach what some call “emotional literacy,” a basic curriculum that teaches lessons in life ideally taught at home.

The most widely accepted aspect of this new trend has been student mediation programs. Should schools continue to usurp the functions of the family? They’d rather not, but are in a bind because basic civil behavior is not being taught in many homes, and basic human nurturing is not occurring in many homes. A better solution is fixing social deterioration, not bandaging the symptoms of this deterioration once they arrive at the schoolhouse steps. See also Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, Children, Parental Guidance, And Emotional Intelligence, Raising as Emotionally Intelligent Child, and Love Is Not Enough: The Treatment Of Emotionally Disturbed Children.

Kids are showing an alarming inability to handle their emotions
Kids are showing an alarming inability to handle their emotions