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The Final Days Are Here Again

an article in Newsweek by Kenneth Woodward

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Newsweek looks at the way the Gulf War (mostly Operation Desert Shield—2 August 1990 - 17 January 1991) precipitated a bonanza in doomsday book sales saying “forget Y2K—Armageddon is here.” Fundamentalist sentiments seem more tied to, and caused by, the hysterically dogmatic marketing techniques of the fundamentalist evangelists than to anyone’s actual belief in the literal truth of most Bible stories (e.g., 6 days to create our world—really).

Armageddon is here—the end is near!
Armageddon is here—the end is near!

Red Sea Parted (when pigs fly)
Red Sea Parted (when pigs fly)

Either the Red Sea parted while pigs flew around above them oinking joyously, or neither thing happened
Either the Red Sea parted while pigs flew around above them oinking joyously, or neither thing happened