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Authoritative and Democratic Parenting Programs
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The Big Answer

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The modern world has many types of technologies that facilitate the MC movement. Very significant is computer technology which allows organizations to maintain databases that can be searched for common interests and traits of the people whose data they contain. PSB (Personal Status Board) technology allows people to choose whether or not to let others in their MC know "where they're at," how they feel, what they're open to, what they need, or what they feel like giving. Other programs provide invaluable tools for scheduling childcare and other needed care within an MC. All of the above, along with the technologies of child-monitoring devices, are significant aids to the MC movement. For more on child-monitoring devices, see CHILD MONITORING DEVICES IN MCS.

Personal Status Board
Personal Status Board

In addition, the telephone continues to be important for interpersonal communication and scheduling. However, more than any other, this device has a large potential for abuse and misuse. Without the appropriate use of voicemail and answering machines, people can be besieged by their phones. A caller cannot know what a callee may be into or how s/he might be affected by a call. PSBs will help immeasurably here—the caller can learn ahead of time if the callee is home, likely to answer, or in a mood compatible with the caller's communications.

Cell phone
Cell phone

A smart phone
A smart phone

Those getting involved in the MC movement will want all the support possible. In addition to movies, books, e-books, PSBs, e-pamphlets, e-newsletters, e-magazines, TV programs, audio and video tapes, and speeches by famous people, MCs will need support from computer software and digital devices. While the computer matching will be a crucial element in MC propagation, MCs also need information supplementation like supplied by this website, and MC caregiver scheduling software. Below is a YouTube video about MCs.

What Is An MC? MC stands for microcommunity

Among the various software programs available, only the MC Scheduler will be useful for childcare scheduling in an MC to mitigate most of the scheduling complexities of organized flat-gradient nurturing. If you decide to run a daycare center in your MC, however, there is software of four varieties: ProCare, Childcare Manager, Daycare Scheduling Software, iCare Child Care Management Software.

We'll discuss the MC Scheduler now:


MC scheduling isn't like daycare scheduling. You enter all the kids’ and adults’ names in a form, plus any outsiders’ names you’ve ever used or might use. Then for each time slot you merely select caregivers from dropdown lists. Check it out: just register (free!), log in, and then select the MC scheduler from the menu.