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Authoritative and Democratic Parenting Programs
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  1. Scenario Introduction

  2. A Traditional Nuclear Family Joins An MC—From A Mother's Point Of View

  3. MCs Enrich The Lives Of Singles

  4. A Young Single Mother Finds A Future In MC Living

  5. MCs From An Upscale Family Man's Point Of View

  6. How Seniors Fit Into MCs—Estelle Tells

  7. MCs Are For The Young—A Six-year-old From A Broken Home Tells The Story

  8. From The Empty Nest—A Traditional Conservative Male Tells All

  9. MC Perspectives From A One-year-old Named Amy

  10. Out Of The Gang And Into An MC—A Sixteen-year-old Boy Tells His Story

  11. A Woman, Always Ahead Of Her Time, Helps The World Catch Up

Scenario Introduction

What follows are the stories of ten hypothetical people who found their way into MC living. You might discover that one of them is a little like you, or like someone you know.

Although it may seem that what happened at Galaxy (see Novel) must be in another universe, the MC-enhanced lifestyle of Galaxy can belong to anyone. No one is excluded from the opportunity that an MC-enhanced lifestyle promises. All you need to do is follow the guidelines outlined on this website.

You will be reading ten scenarios—each one describing the experiences of a particular individual before and after the MC phenomena was introduced to the world. We have included the scenarios of individuals representing a wide variety of ages, economic backgrounds, philosophies, and lifestyles in order to show that MCs can work for anyone, no matter who they are, no matter what the circumstances of their life are. The purpose of the scenarios is to give you a feeling for what the transformation from a non-MC-enhanced lifestyle to an MC-enhanced lifestyle would be like, strategically, logistically, chronologically, emotionally, etc.

Within the scenarios are before-and-after experiences that consider many of the following aspects of life: friendships, family relationships, choices, P.E.T., nurturance, child care, elder care, PSB communication, belonging, solidarity, connectedness, work, time, community activity, physical environment and security, types of safe interconnections between homes and common areas (suns), and character development.

No matter what your situation, you can set up an MC. Given the myriad of situational diversity, MCs can vary greatly. And though each MC has its own style, needs, and requirements in order to serve all the individuals in it, all MCs will serve the same basic purpose: to very successfully provide for the needs of both the children and the adults (without one group sacrificing getting their needs filled because of the other group), to help people reconnect to their communities and their fellow humans, to substitute relationship and compassion for alienation and isolation, and to make the world work.