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MalesFemalesChildless: White: Allergies:
0-3 yr: 0-3 years old: Empty Nesters: Black: Chronic:
4-7 years old: 4-7 years old: Widows: Asian: Mental:
8-11 years old: 8-11 years old: Widowers: Hispanic: Disabilities:
12-14 years old: 12-14 years old: Married: Hawaiian: Need Ramps:
15-17 years old: 15-17 years old: Living Together: Mixed: Willing to do Eldercare:
18-23 years old: 18-23 years old: Separated: Criminal: Available to do Eldercare:
24-34 years old: 24-34 years old: Divorced: Home Schooled: Need Eldercare:
35-49 years old: 35-49 years old: Engaged: Public Schools: Willing to do Childcare:
50-65 years old: 50-65 years old: Single: Private Schools: Available to do Childcare:
66-79 years old: 66-79 years old: Gay Males: Religious Schools: Need Childcare:
80+ years old: 80+ years old: Lesbian: Special Schools:  
Smoking and Drinking: Preferred Housing Type:
Willing to Relocate: MC Type Sought:
Open to be in Mixed Race MC: Sexuality:
Religious Openness: Religion:
Childrearing Style and Preferences: Pets:
Personal Entertainment: Housing—Interested in Common Shared Space for: