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The Big Answer

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The MC Plan Does Amazing Things

an article by our site

We represent an independent-thinking creative spirit who has come up with something more unique than anything you've ever heard of in your life. It is the most dynamic investment opportunity imaginable, but its goal is more than ROI and profit. At the same time this plan makes money in many different ways, it also does something which is actually amazing. We're using the word amazing not in the hyperbole sense in which it gets tossed around these days, but in the ACTUAL sense of how people will feel as they see the plan actualize in the United States.

The amazing thing it does—as some people are earning money from it, and other people are saving money from it—is to start fixing things. And no, the plan has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or any other type of belief systems. Better yet, there is NO government program or taxes or political salvationism involved whatsoever. In fact, it is important that governments and politicians keep their mitts OFF this plan.

What do we mean "fixing things" and what "things" are we referring to? Good question! Think for a moment about all the things that seem broken in our country. THOSE things! Let us be specific by giving two examples. The plan will fix the child care crisis, but will not cost money, IT WILL SAVE MONEY! Impossible? It's nearly impossible to even conceive of a plan that can do that. But we're serious: it will do as we say--it will save money. AND fix childcare. More about the details of the plan: The MC Plan.

The plan will fix the education crisis but will not involve investing in teachers or books or administrators or anything else. But it will still fix it anyway. Of course, we're realists and we know nothing gets fixed overnight. In fact, the child care crisis and education crisis will get fixed AT EXACTLY THE SAME SPEED THAT THE PLAN GETS IMPLEMENTED. Most people would say it would cost billions if not trillions of dollars to fix these things and yet these expensive government-run fixes will still do little to fix things, since the money our government has thrown at these things has done little good—if any.

But we say forget government plans and forget robbing taxpayers once again to pay for more programs that are doomed before they even start. All these people are missing the obvious: THERE IS NO WAY TO FIX THESE THINGS WITH MONEY OR POLITICS OR GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. There never HAS been! But there IS a way to fix these things without any money and the fix will happen at the same speed as the implementation of the plan.

But, you ask, if it isn't a government plan, whose is it? WHO exactly is implementing the plan? The answer: our country's citizens. And this is not the type of grassroots movements where people get together and argue about how to do this and that. Nope, it's the type of grassroots movement where individuals and families adopt the plan and no one else interferes with their implementation of the plan.

Government is NOT the answer! In fact, government and politics are irrelevant. And no plan adopters need to argue about anything, since the details have already been worked out and, yes, we can back that up: Read The Forest Through The Trees —guaranteed to be the most unusual and insightful eBook novel ever written. And for even greater detail about the plan, consult the MC Articles section of the website called The Big Answer.

Of course, education and childcare are only the start, and here are some more things that will be cured at the same speed as plan adoption:

Most types of psychological dysfunction, drug abuse and other addictions, most types of crime, many causes of poverty, and, eventually, once enough of our country implements the plan, terrorism against Americans or American interests. And if Europe adopts the plan, then the speed of plan adoption will be the same speed at which terrorism diminishes there as well. The same goes for other plan adopters in other parts of the world--including the Mideast.

All this seems impossible until you've read the novel we mentioned. And then it not only seems possible but also desperately needed, for both the U.S. and the rest of the world.

You're probably waiting to hear what the business opportunities are in this plan that will get investors eager to finance the media blitz that will be required to get the word out about it. There are probably dozens. Here are just a few:

  1. movies
  2. TV series
  3. book publishing
  4. spokespeople fees
  5. the moving business
  6. the real estate business
  7. the construction industry