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One Point Safe

a book by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn

(our site's book review)

There is no way of dealing effectively with terrorism via weapons of mass destruction, now or in the future, the CIA admits. Terrorists can take out our entire country, city by city, if they want, with a variety of horrible weapons, and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. No amount of bombing of Iraq, Syria, Iran or Lybia would have any effect at all except to insure that the rest of our country would be destroyed. We’d better hope that none of the loonies out there wants to destroy us. There are 84 nuclear weapons from the former USSR that have been “misplaced”—no one knows where they are. The 1994 joint agreement between Clinton and Yeltsin to no longer target each other’s countries with their missiles is actually a fraud—a mere P.R. stunt. Either side can retarget their missiles to their original targets in all of 10 seconds.

There is no way of dealing effectively with terrorism via weapons of mass destruction
There is no way of dealing effectively with terrorism via weapons of mass destruction

Forget scary movies, novels or stories. The actual realities of our modern world are even more scary than anything fictional ever written or spoken.

Everything—and we do mean everything—depends upon one question: Will future terrorists be so hateful as to actually go ahead and destroy us, without there being a thing in the world we can do about it? The answer is easy to come up with, because a yes answer to this question depends on a yes answer to the following three questions, and if all answers are yes, it’s time to pack your bags for Mars:

Do terrorists wish to destroy us? Time to pack your bags for Mars
Do terrorists wish to destroy us? Time to pack your bags for Mars

Will the weapons capable of doing these things end up in the terrorists’ hands some day? ABSOLUTELY YES.

Will the desire to destroy us be prominent in many terrorists’ minds someday? IT ALREADY IS.

Will there be enough incredible, genocidal hate in future terrorists’ hearts to sink to such a level of ultimate evil? YES, IF THE WORLD DOES NOTHING TO CHANGE THE ABUSIVE, OPPRESSIVE, AUTHORITARIAN UPBRINGING PRACTICES THAT ARE SO PREVALENT ON THE PLANET AT THIS TIME, AND THAT ARE THE KEY TO THE EVOLUTION OF SUCH INCREDIBLE NEGATIVITY. (Obviously, since no entity beside the MC movement is planning to effectively address this concern, MC evolution—combined with Tofflerian peace-forms—is our most effective strategy for long-term survival. See Why Register for an MC?.)

Registering for MC search and match
Registering for MC search and match