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Conventional Weapons

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Even conventional weapons have become so lethal that their destructive powers are similar to a low-yield nuclear weapon (example: fuel-air explosive), causing multiple injuries requiring treatment by many different specialists who are unlikely to be available in a war zone. In fact, fragmentation weapons are deliberately designed to prevent the lives of casualties being saved. (Note: A fuel-air explosive device consists of a container of fuel and two separate explosive charges. After the munition is dropped or fired, the first explosive charge bursts open the container at a predetermined height and disperses the fuel in a cloud that mixes with atmospheric oxygen. The cloud of fuel flows around objects and into structures. The second charge then detonates the cloud, creating a massive blast wave, massive casualties, massive damage.) (Source:

Here a fuel-air explosive is used against a military ship
Here a fuel-air explosive is used against a military ship

Conventional weapons are in relatively wide use and are defined by not being weapons of mass destruction (e.g. nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons). Conventional weapons include small arms and light weapons, sea and land mines, as well as (non-nuclear) bombs, shells, rockets, missiles and cluster munitions. These weapons use explosive material based on chemical energy, as opposed to nuclear energy in nuclear weapons. The acceptable use of all types of conventional weapons in war time is governed by the Geneva Conventions. (Source:

A conventional weapon
A conventional weapon

Both nonnuclear and nuclear bunker busters are designed to destroy underground targets—such fortified targets are called bunkers. The Bush administration removed its request for funding of nuclear bunker busters in October 2005. Additionally, then U.S. Senator Pete Domenici announced funding for the nuclear bunker-buster has been dropped from the U.S. Department of Energy's 2006 budget at the department's request. While the project for such weapons seems to be in fact canceled, Jane's Information Group speculated in 2005 that work might continue under another name.

Heroic NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has demonstrated the type of courage and wisdom we all need to aspire to
Heroic NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has demonstrated the type of courage and wisdom we all need to aspire to

Considering Edward Snowden's exposure of Obama's massive secret classified surveillance programs that were hidden from the American public, it seems reasonable to assume that the Jane's Information Group speculations are likely to be more truth than fiction. It's not paranoia if they ARE out to deceive us. (Source:

A bunker buster
A bunker buster