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A Democratic Media Market

an interview of Bill Gates in New Perspectives Quarterly by Nathan Gardels

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Bill Gates predicts that in the future, with everyone connected up to broadband multimedia capability, the match between buyers and sellers will be far more precise and customized. People will be more able to choose whom they want to spend time with. People will spend more time with the Internet than with TV. (Americans Now Spend As Much Time Using Internet as TV says in 2010 that usage stats are about equal.)

The unfortunate self-presentation tendency Facebook encourages: a false self
The unfortunate self-presentation tendency Facebook encourages: a false self

We concur that using computers to expand social and virtual contacts will enhance social experience, because one chooses whom to relate to, rather than settling for who is available. Of course, this can erode community and democracy as well as isolate people in various ways, but that’s not cast in stone. Even such social networks as Facebook can enhance social experience for those who already have friends and act real with them online, but for the lonely with few contacts, it increases the loneliness usually, because the motivations will be indirect-self-acceptance, which will make the communications be saying what you feel the other person wants to hear, although the possibility of being real and not pandering for attention does exist. Also see

PSBs give communication a Third Wave, quality boost that computers without PSB use simply cannot
PSBs give communication a Third Wave, quality boost that computers without PSB use simply cannot

The MC way of expanding social contacts via computer and Internet use enhances both community and democracy, eliminating isolation and inspiring self-actualization as it utilizes PSBs to give communication a Third Wave, quality boost that computers without PSB use simply cannot. Software, smartphones, tablets, social networks and computers may be the focus of the high-tech communications trends, but PSBs are the most relevant communications innovation for MCs.


See Why Register for an MC?, since a registered person can choose whom to relate to via matching algorithms wherein people can find others with similar interests to be in MCs with. In neighborhoods, people are settling for who is available by definition, but in MC neighborhoods, only your very best friends are present, those you can trust in the childcare area and vice versa, since you'll all partake in this area and never a dime will get spent on babysitters or childcare centers. Even if your MC has only singles or childless couples, these—again—will be composed of only your very best friends. Even though cyber-relationships can and do erode community and democracy, MCs are the exact opposite. MCs greatly enhance community and democracy—they are the essence of both these things. Study this website to see why. Especially: MC Articles.

Registering for MC search and match
Registering for MC search and match