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The Big Answer

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a book by Glen R. Jones

(our site's book review)

The author sees the poor having economic barriers to accessing “electronic platform technology” now, but he predicts this will be “. . . circumvented in a few short years by a new wave of cheap, universally accessible electronic platforms and networks that will finally transform virtually every setting that has electric power . . . into access points for the age of knowledge. . . Electronic platforms . . . will quickly emerge as the only economical solution to satisfy the increased global demand for education in the 21st century . . . One of the evolving but ultimately predominant artifacts of the knowledge age will be cyberschools.”

Jones did not just get off the boat. Since both the American educational system and the American economy are in big trouble, this type of out-of-the-box thinking is critical to our national well-being.

Jones did not just get off the boat
Jones did not just get off the boat

It is 2014 and the transforming of virtually every setting that has electric power into an access point for the age of knowledge has already occurred, except that, due to wi-fi and mobile devices, the access points need not even be electrified. Education and knowledge is there for the taking in cyberspace—although some, but only some, knowledge sites charge for the knowledge and/or learning and/or education. One can learn online whether or not such learning is connected to any established cyberschool. This website, The Big Answer, awash with some of the most important answers to mankind's most important questions, is but one example.

This 2010 book offers a foreword by Alvin and Heidi Toffler. They validate Jones as a person who thinks big and has so far succeeded at actualizing what he’s dreamed up. They point to the fact that most proposed solutions for the education problem take for granted that educational problems can be solved within the existing framework. Cyberschools—“virtual universities that are delocalized across cyberspace”—offer an alternative to the same old pseudo-solutions of more teacher pay, more homework, and better infrastructure. In the real world, say the Tofflers, the boundaries between computers, media and education are melting away—these things are converging. They add: “. . . education cannot be brought into the Third Wave future so long as it is viewed as separate from both the media and cyberspace.”

A student of a virtual university
A student of a virtual university