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The Big Answer

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Future Edge

a book by Joel Arthur Barker

(our site's book review)

Barker says “. . . Only if we are willing to look broadly at new ideas and new ways of solving problems, will we find the caliber of innovation that we will need to move successfully into the twenty-first century. . . . We live in a time of paradigm shifts. Not everyone can formulate successful new paradigms. Only a few can do that. But all of us can be more open to looking for the changes, exploring them for their implications, and creating a supporting climate for the attempts. There is no question that, in many areas, we need new paradigms. In ever increasing frequency, the call for innovation goes out across the United States, and around the globe. Paradigm shifts are one of the key innovative behaviors.”

Idea leading to paradigm shift
Idea leading to paradigm shift

The Tofflers, John Naisbitt, Fritjof Capra, Hazel Henderson, Gregory Bateson, Philip Slater, Thomas Gordon, Richard Louv, Wayne Dyer, John Pollard, Rianne Eisler, Shad Helmstetter, Abraham Maslow, Erich Fromm, the Putneys and Louise Hart are some of those that have answered the call for innovation our society has put out. Some contributed more trees to the forest of understanding. Others contributed taller trees but less of them. Others contributed more firmly rooted trees. Others contributed more beautiful trees. It is only when these trees are all together in one forest that we begin to experience the profound truth of the whole being more than the sum of its parts. And it is only when we back up from this forest a bit and see it all at once, as a whole dripping with interrelationships, that we begin seeing the forest rather than just merely seeing the trees.

The forest through the trees
The forest through the trees

There is an answer that deals with all the problems needing addressing, that incorporates all the new, ecological-holistic paradigms and Third Wave paradigms, and that puts it together in the most natural and organic way imaginable in the form of a few lifestyle improvements, individually powered, grassroots disseminated, and microcommunity based. See Why Register for an MC?.

Registering for MC search and match
Registering for MC search and match

Barker says “Our challenge as strategic explorers, whether our role is that of manager, politician, educator, or citizen, is to make it easier for the new paradigms to get a fair hearing and to help the paradigm shifters feel safer.” Amen.