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Outfoxing The Right

an article in Time by Jill Smolowe

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The article details the way moderates are recapturing school boards that were taken over by regressive ultraconservatives with God-obsessed agendas. “People get very upset when one group takes the position that they speak for God.” The moderates’ strategy: publicize the extremists’ records, which are full of episodes of wasting everyone’s time in ludicrous squabbles about forcing creationism into science and abstinence into sex education (even though abstinence is already presented in such courses). The National Education Association and People for the American Way are cooperating with local coalitions in many states to oppose right-wing stealth candidates who deceive others about their true agendas until they’re in office.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, especially of wolves in sheep's clothing. The Republican landslide in the mid-90s says much about the strength and effectiveness of the "stealth" campaigns of the religious and political right in which people represented themselves as one thing but were secretly another. And that, folks, is dirty politics—tricking votes out of people via misrepresentation, lying, fear-mongering, gay-baiting, intimidation, hiding their affiliations and true agendas, etc. So the recapturing of school boards from the lying extremists is great news—thanks, moderates, National Education Association and People for the American Way!

The stealth candidates of the religious and political right are wolves in sheep's clothing
The stealth candidates of the religious and political right are wolves in sheep's clothing