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The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance

a book by Laurie Garrett

(our site's book review)

Laurie Garrett has done an impressive job of evaluating the long fight between man and microbe, which in a way is simply man against nature. This investigative journalist has created a book with endless episodes of man seeming to get the best of microbes, but they come back later with a vengeance. One is properly disillusioned with the prospect that modern medical miracle workers have the situation under control, as one is thoroughly enlightened about man’s losing battle with the unseen. It’s nature’s response to our tampering with the environment. Recently, there began appearing bacteria in hospitals that there is no cure or treatment for, although they tried everything. It is 40% fatal.

Drug-resistant bacteria may just take us all down
Drug-resistant bacteria may just take us all down

The author has the wisdom to hold all of this in the systems context of the new, ecological-holistic paradigm, citing all the trouble the mechanistic-reductionistic paradigm has gotten us into. Anyone can warn. But she favors us with a gift of very significant magnitude: a warning backed by real scientific knowledge and understanding and presented in such a way as to increase our chances of preventing a disaster-filled future. See also:

Most of us know the planet has too many people on it. Well, it’s becoming obvious that the planet—as a biospherical system—knows it too. And it’s responding . . .

Earth has too many people on it
Earth has too many people on it