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The Road to 2012: looking toward the next two decades

a book by John L. Peterson

(our site's book review)

This 1993 book is the precursor to his The Road to 2015, and it contains many of the same ideas. One important general driving force is moving information instead of people (why go to the library when you can just about have it come to you, in the Information age). That has far-reaching implications, and has led to Internet prominence, a virtual reality boom, and the creation of huge knowledge bases. But that’s just the beginning.


(One offshoot of this driving force is the PSBs, which are personal status boards that allow people in MCs to empower a particularly noninvasive and voluntary communication between members in which anyone can see the status of any one member as well as the general status of the MC as a whole with only a glance at the PSB on their computer since all member statuses are simultaneously visible.)


Two other important driving forces, the author says, are new structures and organizations, and isolated perspective. The former involves a more interconnected world with more powerful and enabled individuals; the latter refers to the trisected world in which only a minority will be part of the Third Wave at first—the rest will be in First and Second Wave mode.

Registering for MC search and match
Registering for MC search and match

The MC perspectives here are obviously that structures and organizations that really work will be replacing ones that don’t; and humanity is living on borrowed time if the Third Wavers think they can pretend that most of the world’s people don’t exist, and experience no repercussions. MCs not only acknowledge but address this reality by spreading vital life knowledge throughout the planet in various ways, all of which involve voluntary individual decisions and none of which involve social engineering by groups or leaders telling people what to do. See Why Register for an MC?.)

We need to monitor kids' TV viewing so these cultural influences are positive—much of TV's influence is not
We need to monitor kids' TV viewing so these cultural influences are positive—much of TV's influence is not

He notes that American cultural influences are both positive and negative. There’s a lot riding on whether we more consciously and purposely revamp the quality of this export. He also notes that parenting and education will be revamped as we obtain more Third Wave knowledge. Being at cause rather than at effect is key, and so is taking responsibility for one’s self.