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Authoritative and Democratic Parenting Programs
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The Sky's The Limit

a book by Wayne Dyer

(our site's book review)

Dyer is one of the best of the self-help authors. He looks at self-actualization and autonomy as the ultimate goal and sees authoritarianism as the biggest barrier to such fulfillment. He advocates good self-talk to help neutralize the bad self-talk most of us engage in daily. He’s a great fan of Maslow and knows that the society is not set up to give its growing young enough security and encouragement so that their needs will be filled and they can transcend needfulness and attain a being state in which oneness, empathy, child-like playfulness, creativity, and clearer thinking and perception are merely part of the benefits. So Dyer knows that the key is to cease being a deterministic cork on the ocean of fate, and to cease being at effect and to begin being at cause. If you don’t take charge of and run your life, he knows, your life will run you, and you’ll feel like a victim, not a victor. Maslow believed in humanity’s greatness, and so does Dyer. So he teaches us how to break through the many barriers to growth that surround us, including the ones we’ve internalized. He also exposes the absurdity of the win-lose game.