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Authoritative and Democratic Parenting Programs
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Vision 2020

a book by Ervin Laszlo

(our site's book review)

Expanding on his 1991 The Age of Bifurcation book, in this 1994 book, Laszlo looks at world survival from a systems theory viewpoint. His “Vision 2020” scenario seeks to restrain nation-state power and political power, and cooperatively integrate some of the policies of defense, environmental protection and development. Also, it seeks to create a holistic grand alliance between science, art, religion and education and convene groups of specialized generalists to synthesize the modern knowledge base and glean useful insights.

For the most part, reading Toffler's books and this website will lead to all the critical insights they'll need. These will help people to create lifestyles that create the high-quality character needed to care enough about the environment to do something significant about it. Moreover, world survival from a systems theory viewpoint will lead one invariably to the MC movement, since nothing else promises to create the high-quality character needed. Information, propaganda, guilt trips, complaining, and badgering will all fail as tools or methods leading to world survival. (E.g., "stop polluting," "I just read a good parenting book," "join our church and we'll help make the world work," "let's levy huge fines for all pollution done by oil companies," etc.)

Air pollution
Air pollution

A person has to mature into a true adult to go beyond only caring about himself and start being concerned about the world. This maturation is not what many lifestyles in our world are generating. Self-absorbed people out for number one—that's what most upbringings are generating, though the parents tried to instill good values. But they did it via win-lose, steep-gradient, authoritarian parenting. These parenting errors alone will instill many unintended values about win-lose relating, jealousy, selfishness, resentment, and sneakiness—regardless of what other values parents manage to impart, such as a work ethic.