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World Prospects From An African Perspective

an article in The Futurist by Olugbenga Adesida

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The author warns that as Africa’s quality of life continues to degrade while its population explodes, their problems will not be confined to Africa. They’ll find ways of making this mess our problem, unless we help them to participate in the global economy. The author asks: How do we balance national interests and sovereignty with the need to act globally and resolve the fundamental challenges facing humanity? (The world’s people adopting a systems view and new, ecological paradigm perspectives is critical, in our opinion—as well as helping them curb population growth.)

Africa will find ways of making their mess our problem if we don't help
Africa will find ways of making their mess our problem if we don't help

(The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is investing billions of dollars in Africa to help turn their health situation around. The good works of this foundation are undeniably, but some say many of the corporations [oil, pharmaceutical, chemical] it invests in are part of the problem in the world, not part of the solution, polluting the air and water and increasing the chances of diseases being contracted as this pollution lowers overall health and disease resistance.

Oh well, both the Lord and Microsoft "giveth," and both the Lord and Microsoft "taketh away." It reminds one of Microsoft's habit of using nonsupport, nagging, and threats to force us to upgrade, even though we're happy with our Windows XP and IE8 and do not wish to change. For enough cash, they "giveth" us the next OS, and it's fine and an asset to our computer experience, but then they later come out with a new OS and find ways to plague us with IE nag screens and warnings about discontinued security updates and the flood of horrid viruses that will be all over us like pimps on runaways if we do not get the newest IE—which happens to require buying their new OS. So we're forced to throw away our OS and buy a new one, demonstrating that it was less of a "gift" that they "giveth" than a loan that they "taketh away" after a few years. As goes Microsoft, so goes Bill's foundation. Oh well, at least the foundation itself it doing good, admirable works, investments notwithstanding.)

Olugbenga Adesida's article says that “The world needs to develop shared values—values that transcend culture. These shared values will help ensure that we do not compromise the life chances of future generations. A new agenda for shared values in the twenty-first century must be developed that will govern relationships between people, current and future generations, and nations.

Critical question: How do we ensure that the necessary changes in attitude, beliefs, and values are made to deal with this challenge?” (Think MC. See Why Register for an MC?.) Of course, to the degree some of them insist on staying in the Middle Ages due to their "faith," they will get nowhere, and blame the West rather than themselves. They need to read The Third Wave and Powershift.

african continent
African continent