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Lessons From Traditional Cultures

an article in The Futurist by Helena Norberg-Hodge

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In this appeal for the adoption of the kinder, gentler ecological-holistic paradigm, the author questions the type of “progress” we should seek as a world—should it be economic, materialistic, often ignoring human social needs, or should we begin to act on the knowledge that we already have positively established as true: that all life is inextricably connected. This systems view would lead us towards social and ecological balance.

“Under the surface, even such seemingly unconnected problems as ethnic violence, pollution of the air and water, broken families, and cultural disintegration are closely interlinked. Understanding that the problems are interrelated can make them seem overwhelming, but finding the points at which they converge can, in fact, make our attempts to tackle them a great deal more effective. It is then just a question of pulling the right threads to affect the entire fabric, rather than having to deal with each problem individually.” (This is a wonderful description of the MC philosophy underlying the MC vision guiding the MC movement.)

It is a question of pulling the right threads to affect the entire fabric, rather than having to deal with each problem individually
It is a question of pulling the right threads to affect the entire fabric, rather than having to deal with each problem individually

(Consider this: If the world’s people saw the world clearly with Tofflerian eyes as trisected into First, Second and Third Wave civilizations, and acted wisely according to this accurate context, and if the world adopted the ecological-holistic paradigm at a much faster, wiser rate of speed that acknowledged the urgency of the matter, and if the world adopted the MC movement lifestyle enhancements so that people weren’t raised by authoritarians and permissives in invalidated and experimental steep-gradient nurturance contexts of isolation, win-lose, and reductionistic disconnectedness that disavows the systems reality of all beings, then the threads, above, will have been pulled, the entire fabric affected, and the problems would disappear relatively quickly, having been holistically addressed and ameliorated. See Why Register for an MC?.)

Registering for MC search and match
Registering for MC search and match

See The Politics of the Solar Age: Alternatives to Economics, Creating Alternative Futures: The End of Economics, and The Forest Through The Trees.