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Environmental Destruction

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Air pollution kills many living things—who is next on the kill list? Us?
Air pollution kills many living things—who is next on the kill list? Us?

Peace, security and the environment are unavoidably joined together. We've only realized this recently. But as various countries blindly practice unsustainable forms of development, key environmental resources are being overused, and competition for them between countries increases. The old, mechanistic paradigm is leading us disastrously astray. This paradigm is discussed in such places as Powershift, Global Consciousness Change: Indicators Of An Emerging Paradigm, our novel, and Awakening Earth: Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness.

We are polluting our water as if the supply was infinite
We are polluting our water as if the supply was infinite

Today's decision makers will be long dead before the planet feels the heavier effects of acid rain, global warming, ozone depletion, and widespread desertification and species loss. Many are asking themselves why they should they be concerned about the consequences of what we're doing when “we won't be around by then anyway.” Do we have an obligation to those who come after us? Of course we do, says Academy Award–winning documentarian Al Gore, but if people begin to feel a sense of hopelessness about the present, it depreciates their commitment to the future. Can you BELIEVE we elected Bush instead? Are we crazy?

Air pollution
Air pollution

In Latin America, the scale of the problem is very large. Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela have been forced to devote land to cash exports to earn the money to service their debts. Can you imagine how it would feel to work hard farming and harvesting and then sell it all because of debt rather than feed a hungry population? Pressures on the environment have increased. But the cash earned is not for development, but to meet financial obligations overseas.